welcome to Porto

 ‘DyProSo XXXI‘
31st International Symposium on the Dynamic Properties of Solids

University of Porto,  Porto, Portugal
September 25th – 29th, 2007

Welcome to the 31st  International Symposium on Dynamic
Properties of Solids – DyProSo XXXI” – which is taking place at the University of Porto, in the city of Porto, Portugal, and is organized by “Grupo Ferroeléctricos” of the Faculty of Sciences (FCUP) and Physics Institute at the University of Porto (IFIMUP).
DyProSo XXXI is a 4–day international forum, focusing on current topics and new concepts in the field of condensed matter in its excited states. The Symposium is intended to stimulate discussion, to foster scientific contacts, and to develop new ideas among both younger and more experienced researchers who are working on dynamic properties of condensed matter from an experimental and theoretical point of view.
The programme will cover current and new themes from theory (ab-initio calculations, Monte Carlo simulations and molecular dynamics, advances in phenomenological models, etc.) to experiment (X-ray and neutron diffraction, optical and electronic spectroscopies, novel techniques, etc.).
The scientific programme of DyProSo XXXI will focus on: Multiferroics; Orbital and charge ordering; Ab-initio, molecular-dynamical, and Monte Carlo studies; Theory, and phenomenological models; High Tc superconductors; Ferroelectric relaxors; Nanoscience, carbon-nanostructures, size and dimensional effects and self organization in 2D/3D; Phononic crystals; Advances in experimental techniques.
The programme will also include, mostly for poster contributions, other topics like: Quantum effects in phase transitions at low temperatures, Anharmonic effects, Phase transitions, Transition-metal doped semiconductors, Functionality of surfaces and interfaces, and Dynamics in liquid crystals.
The Symposium envisages a limited number of participants, with no parallel talks and no proceedings.
Porto is the second biggest city in Portugal and the most important on the north of the country. Busy, lively, famous for its Port wine, produced in vineyards along the banks of the Douro River, the city is an important commercial, services, and industrial centre with an excellent transport system including an international airport. The historic centre of Porto, registered by UNESCO as “World Heritage”, last year saw the famous “Casa da Música”, designed by the Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas and which won an international first prize, opened to public.
We look forward to receiving your registration and extended abstracts.

Abílio Almeida
(Conference Chairman)
On behalf of the Local Organizing Committee of DyProSo XXXI